The Nonsense Filter

Why am I writing? Some people write because its cathartic, that is, it makes them feel better. Put more dramatically they might describe it as about exorcising ‘demons’. Maybe there’s something of that here though I’m not trying to pass on any angst to you the reader.

Writing: you can't make a splash until you take the plunge

Writing: you can’t make a splash until you take the plunge

Some people write because they want to find a voice; they want to develop a style or emphasis in their communication and enhance the clarity or creativity, or even range, in their writing. There is certainly something of that in my motivation. I want to harness and hone sharp observation, telling description, humour and honesty as key communicative tools I can employ. In a sense I write for these reasons and many more. I have a perspective on the world and want to share it. I want to entertain and provoke thinking. I wish to take on a challenge and see If I can accomplish something I admire that others do.

I hope you will enjoy this story as it develops; I was motivated to write because it occurred to me that the exponential growth in social media rests on the fact that what be might be mundane to me can be exotic to others. One person’s mundane is another person’s exotica.


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