Writing for pleasure or because you must?

Its a long way to shore but I just passed a landmark I think.

Its a long way to shore but I just passed a landmark I think.

Wonderful. I’ve just completed a revised and rejuvenated first chapter. ‘Big deal you might be tempted to think, but this is not only my first blogging experience, the story is something I’ve been working on since 2007. The novel started I think, about me. It had a different title and a different story-line. Most of us, if we can admit it, find ourselves amongst the most fascinating, and infuriating, people on the planet, and sometimes we are right. Along the way however we meet people who are extraordinary, absurd or intriguing; I’ve woven some of these people encountered in England, Wales, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Japan and elsewhere into this tale. Chapter One is done, the others are jostling impatiently in the queue behind, and the novel is no longer about me. Its about Vernon who is forced to embark on a journey into the unknown.

Can I reiterate that any apparent likeness to people in the real world is exactly that, a likeness. I have tried not to be cruel, though I’ve met a few cruel people. If you recognise yourself in these pages please take it as a compliment. It means you inspired me.

This novel is no longer a cathartic writing exercise, even though writing it is cathartic; its a novel . Every now and then I take a look around the creative writing community online and it would be easy to feel intimidated. There’s a lot of talent out there and there is so much I want to read. If you make the time therefore to enjoy this addition to the creative web, thank you for your time.

In Chapter One Vernon Jules is dissatisfied and as his life unravels he feels guilty for his pain, for surely many other people are worse off. Will he leave the school? His girlfriend? Will he leave the country? Plans are afoot but we all know that most of the twists and turns of our lives are roller coaster tracks laid down by people and forces around us. Will Vernon be pushed? Does the nonsense filter exist and will he be the one to find it?

Here’s a snippet from the final section just released…

"Run along now Vernon..."

“Run along now Vernon…”

As Vernon began to drift, his thoughts turned finally to Tarkey and his publishing expectations. How had that happened?  He now had an obsessive neurotic as a partner, though he didn’t have a product, and the partner’s mummy long-legs turning the screws like a mafia matriarch. Time to leave he thought drowsily.

In case you missed them here are some teasers from the first chapter… see if you can place them.



      Long Shadows 1


2 thoughts on “Writing for pleasure or because you must?

  1. Funny to me that your chapter ends with the mention of others imposing an identity. I am still sorting out whether my own writing intentions are an imposed desire from others or a welcomed self-discovery. I applaud you moving forward with a stirring that began years ago. To me, producing chapter 1 is evidence of committing to a trailhead and surrendering to the road. May it be rewarding.


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