Keeping on…


‘Objects are demands, and man is nothing in himself but the passive obedience to these demands’

Jean-Paul Sartre

Wods! Wrds? He said with difficulty, putting down the glass. Woord sarmye life.”

Peter Giles

Chapter Two is underway…

Vernon begins to feel that his destiny is calling him abroad. But why should anywhere else in the world want him? He constructs a plausible notion for the nonsense filter but will he get entangled in it? Look on the updates page for an… well an update. Scroll down on the ‘Novel’ page for this pristine section 23.

O Rwds, I llike rwods... Vernon told Tarkey carefully

O Rwds, I llike rwods… Vernon told Tarkey carefully


When you begin to write a story you wonder how you’ll keep the characters going. After a time they take on sufficient form to wake you up in the night with the antics they intend.


3 thoughts on “Keeping on…

  1. My favorite book on writing is by Stephen King. He says something similar. He watches his characters and lets them tell their own story. Sounds like an experience that is both exhilarating and maddening.


      • Yes. I continually recall the notion of leaving room for the reader to fill in gaps with their own imagination. I identified strongly with his highly visual approach to watching and reporting on characters. While not my favorite genre King is a favorite wordsmith of mine.


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