Bye voor nu

Section 57 goes multi-lingual

“Sometimes my Welsh the better of me gets"

“Sometimes my Welsh the better of me gets”

“Mr Jules. Ahh, …er, erm, bad ydw eich Cyfarwyddwr Astudiaethau. Felly, os oes gennych unrhyw gwestiynau neu…”

Dr Floot, in English please... English.

Dr Floot, in English please… English.

“Dr Van der Floot, please, please. I don’t understand.”

“Neem me niet kwalijk” Van der Floot replied seamlessly in Dutch. “Sometimes my Welsh the better of me gets. I phoned to say …I will indeed your Director of Studies be… perhaps you would put into writing a thousand word outline… So that we can get started.”

Once again, echoing the manner in which the whole sorry saga had begun, Vernon opened his mouth before putting his brain in gear.

"Bye voor nu"

“Bye voor nu”

“Well yes Dr Van der Floot…”

“ Call me Miles… please, Miles is miles better ha aha.”

“Well yes Miles, I am keen to explore philosophically the way that humans establish meaning out of nonsense…”

“Well, well. Pob lwc, good luck. I’d better go. I look forward to hearing from you in writing. Bye voor nu.

Check out The Novel page as Vernon commits himself.


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