O frabjous day!

What the jabber is that?

What the jabber is that?

Section 60 is somewhat mimsy…

“Good. And what about data? Have you got a suggestion for something that appears completely nonsensical but has meaning underneath it?”

“As it happens I do Jean Luc. You gave me the idea. It’s the ‘Jabberwocky’.”

“The Jabberwhatty?”

“It’s from Alice through the looking glass, you know. ‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe. It’s a nonsense poem.”

“It’s certainly nonsense. Think it’ll work Vernon? Don’t forget we can’t programme in all the historical, geographical and scientific background to every piece of literature. That sounds like something for Artificial Intelligence.”

“What can we do? If it doesn’t work it’ll at least achieve that secondary goal of yours … you know, to prove it can’t be done. And, if it does work we’ll both be jolly beamish and chortle with joy. A frabjous day indeed.”

Vernon and Jean Luc set things in motion in the Nonsense Filter

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