You ve-ly hansome

And why not Thailand?

And why not Thailand?

Dr Gumtrees faraway look was turned to the East.

Dr Gumtrees faraway look was turned to the East.

Section 70 is looking East

“Has anyone spoken to you about your continuing professional development since you’ve been here Vernon?” Dr Gumtree ventured suddenly, appearing professionally serious for a moment.

“Not so much as a whisper and it seems a bit late for that now.”

Apparently unaware of the nonsense filter fiasco looming, the Academic Director supplied his own reason. “Ah the wanderlust, the wanderlust. And why not Thailand?” Dr Gumtree chuckled, his habitual jollity returning, and in a squeaky oriental voice that alarmed Vernon he said “You ve-ly hansome.”

Returning to his normal register Dr Gumtree patted him on the shoulder reassuringly, and said enigmatically “I’ll think how we can encourage you, you decide what you want in the meantime, and if you go to Thailand remember, meet lots of women and make sure their women.” Vernon left his office as always, chewing on food for thought.

Check out The Novel page. Could Vernon be enroute for things more novel than he’d bargained for?


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