Sensitive soul

Poor Christophe, such as sensitive soul.

Poor Christophe, such as sensitive soul.

Section 71 is overwhelmed

Christophe, sensitive soul that he was, was in a pensive mood when he arrived and Vernon could tell at once. “Christophe what is it, what’s up?”

Christophe confided in a troubled voice to Vernon. “Sir, I’m not sure I should stay for the lesson. I think perhaps I should go to the library.”

The subject was Rites of Passage and Vernon had given his usual health warning about the emotive nature of the topic. He had wondered whether any of the Lower Fourth might recently have had a bereavement that would render them too fragile to watch the educational film on Hindu funeral rights.

"Ah the burdens of the young!" thought Vernon.

“Ah the burdens of the young!” thought Vernon.

“I’m so sorry Christophe. What is it.”

The likeable boy motioned extravagantly, now unable to speak. Finally he gasped, heart-broken, and said, “Amy, you tell him.”

Amy shrugged and put the small vanity mirror back into her pencil case. In the manner of a cold bureaucratic announcement she said, “I understand Christophe’s gold-fish died yesterday. I buried it this morning.”

‘Ah the burdens of the young’ Vernon thought as he switched on the projector and found the class-clip he needed.

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