Strongly spiced

Vernon didn't think it was fair the way he was being put under pressure.

Vernon didn’t think it was fair the way he was being put under pressure.

Section 76 is getting things fixed

He pulled the car back into the drive and phoned Jean Luc, masking his unease with easy banter. “Brother Luc hi. Is it okay to speak to you on a Sunday, you’re not off to the tabernacle are you?

“The whaternackle? I’m about to read New Scientist religiously, and sup a cup of irreligious full roast, does that count? How can I help?”

Vernon quickly described the conversation with Tarkey the previous night and the visit from Jarvis that had sparked it off. “Can Émile handle the Nonsense Filter app? What does he need to make speedy progress? We need to arrange a demonstration as soon as possible I’m getting pressured.”

After some strongly spiced invective from the other end Jean Luc gave him the reply he hoped for. “He says it’s fine. He reckons he can have something to demonstrate within a month. Want me to phone Tarkey and set up something? It’d give me a chance to tell him to grow up.”

“That’d be helpful. But listen Jean Luc, don’t forget to reduce his expectations… and nothing public until I’ve seen it working alright? Oh and one other thing; he won’t actually programme in the answers will he?”

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