Proud people and precipitous mountains

Vernon could already sense that there was something sharp in the sweetness of  Thailand.

Vernon could already sense that there was something sharp in the sweetness of Thailand.

Section 83 is coming out from under a cloud

Apart from distaste, he wondered, would many people sanction him for killing a wild rabbit and putting it in the pot? Perhaps they would. But how many people would really and sincerely sanction him if he killed another human?  He guessed that depended on the circumstances. To kill and eat another human being however. Well, that would surely be abhorred universally. As Vernon ran around Moreton Hall, he mused pensively; was humankind’s aversion to the killing of its own kind more strongly motivated by disgust than compassion? How conveniently and absurdly humans throughout history had redefined other humans as not of their own kind so that the killing might begin. Cambodia, Rwanda, and of course, Germany. The human sense of what constitutes humanity seemed so relative. Perhaps that was a fruitful albeit tragic area for academic research.

Unsurprisingly as the sun fought through and defeated the rainclouds Vernon found his thoughts darkening and his mood becoming heavier. He’d enjoyed the run and on his return home vowed to think of lighter things.

He searched his memory and quizzed himself about Thailand. Undoubtedly the place had for a time been called Siam. He associated it rather romantically with carved wood buildings surrounded by humid swamps and precipitous mountains, beautiful proud people, pretty children and a rather gaudy kind of Buddhism. As he thought about Thailand his spirits lifted and the gloom was replaced with anticipation.

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