The Nonsense Filter: Chapter 4 is done and Vernon gets the message

As clearly as it could, Thailand also seemed to be saying "Thanks but no thanks".

As clearly as it could, Thailand also seemed to be saying “Thanks but no thanks”.

Section 84 is in hot water

Arriving home in lifted mood, Vernon turned on the water for a bath, poured a  glass of water and put the kettle on for a coffee. As he peeled an orange, wandering around the house and humming ‘getting you know you’, he noticed the light blinking on the phone indicating a message.

Vernon pressed play and listened curiously.

He could hear Mr Snapper’s Californian drawl as if from under a pillow. “Ah erhem. Hey Vinnie… er Vernon. Listen man. The Ethics post, at Ramkhamhaeng International. Got you on the waiting list y’know. Don’t like doin’ this man but I had to phone and say we’ve appointed. Thought you’d want to know right away man.”

Vernon felt the sky fall around him. They had pushed him aside. He wasn’t going to Thailand after all. He stood in the living room stroking his beard in consternation as if comforting a small frightened animal. Now what? Carried in his thoughts to the edge of a clearing in the humid Thai jungle he wondered what the almost imperceptible rumbling noise in the distance signified. Crashing back into the present he gasped, cried “Wa-ater”, and raced for the stairs.

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