Over the hills and far away

Vernon wasn’t stubborn he just liked to have the incentive without the task.

Section 85 and Chapter Five springs into life with all the zest of a donkey

Vernon was, by his own admission, poor company. The job in Thailand had not materialised. Of the people who knew about his plans to go abroad, he had told no-one of the change in his plans. Indeed, he had not yet made it clear to Claire, Daniel and Pippa how serious he was about working overseas and so he had not yet told them of the change to the plans he had not yet told them about. Of course Nsansa did not know this; she thought they knew and cared. He was therefore, about to travel up to Scotland with a woman who did not know he had not told his children of his plans and therefore could not tell them that these plans had changed… and so on. It was a heavy burden and heavy burdens made him as irritable as a donkey endlessly promised an early retirement just as soon as this last tiresome load of brick dust is shifted. Such treatment gets right up your nose.

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Chapter 5 begins



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