Wanna be starting something…

Vernon was loth to leave Lothian.

Vernon was loth to leave Lothian.

Section 91 finds a lull before the storm

Edinburgh became a diminutive blur on the horizon behind them… eventually Vernon was able to quiz Nsansa about her intentions and her background.

“The lawyer. They call me the lawyer and say I’m only interested in procedures and money. I get no thanks and I stay away.”

Vernon was saddened to hear of her sister’s visit to Newmarket shortly after Nsansa’s successful employment there.

“She came hoping for permanent accommodation. Even wanted me to adopt her. Didn’t tell me she was pregnant however until she went back home and the poor little might was born. Now you see how hard it is to turn them down. Them and their demands.”

This admission prompted a deep and mournful lull in their conversation. The romantic weekend had been as far from romance as Edinburgh is from Lusaka but somehow the conversation had bought them closer and the silence was characterised by a resigned solidarity rather than discomfort.

“Ahh! Eyamukwayi, I’m fine.” Nsnasa sighed with a shrug. “Iwe, I’m checking my emails, want me to check yours?”

Wanna be starting something?

Wanna be starting something?

As Vernon drove Nsansa switched on her laptop hoping for some job details or replies to applications. Vernon reminded her of his email password and anticipated a batch of unsolicited messages destined for the trash.

“Mmmm. Cintu nshi, What drama is this? You’ve a message from Thailand from Mr Snapper. Want that I read it?”


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