Nsansa's favourite role at work was an angel of mercy.

Nsansa’s favourite role was as a physiotherapeutic angel of mercy at work.

Section 101; the conversation has some very crossed wires

“Yes sir the trials were a success, excuse me…” Nsansa interrupted her charade with an aside to someone in the room which was shot through with urgency. ‘No Mr Bannall, please do not remove the gown completely, you have nothing on underneath and we have all the access we need for the sensitivity test already.’ To him Nsansa said cryptically, the mask slipping a little, “Sir you must do what you will and I will do what I can, that will bring the best results no doubt.” ‘Please Mr Bannall I must insist that you do not eat the feather, no nor insert it into any orifice, it is needed for the physiotherapy.’ To someone else it seemed Nsansa was now saying; “No Frau Pinnelig the call was vital but the consultant has finished, please restrain the patient for a moment more and we will continue with the observation.”

Vernon was struck down by the proverbial feather.

Vernon was struck down by the proverbial feather.

Like a tidal wave charging through his consciousness Vernon realised that Nsansa had a therapy session underway, he remembered something vague about spinal injuries being tested by appraising genital sensitivity. To top it all by the sound of it she was being assessed by a senior member of staff. Vernon shuddered at his own incompetence and Nsansa’s probable annoyance. Better leave the country he thought.

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