Vincent …er, that is Vernon, accepts the job

"I'll take it, what was the job?" Vernon's negotiation skills had reached an all time low.

“I’ll take it, what was the job?” Vernon’s negotiation skills had reached an all time low.

Section 102 Will the real Vernon please stand up

Vernon decided to stop for lunch before his vital call to the Californian. Feeling quite the cosmopolitan man as he did so, he heated a couple of pitta breads, having chopped a pepper and mixed a little oil and balsamic vinegar into dipping bowl. Just as he sat down to enjoy them with a rocket salad the phone rang.

Good diction he found was difficult with one’s mouth full and Vernon swallowed hard to clear his cosmopolitan fare.

“Hi, who is it please?”

“Hey Vinnie how’re ya doin’,  Mr Snapper here. Wait; I know I get ya name wrong, am I right? It’s something distinct… Vladimir Yeah? Er no wait, Vanya. Look Vanya I’ve been trying to get in touch with you, man. I’m putting together this terrific team and I want you aboard. The job’s yours if ya want it, all yours. Fired-up?”

To be honest Vernon was just relieved. He could not abide Mrs McGuin, the Nonsense Filter however it ended would be a fiasco and probably Nsansa had already written him out of the plot of her life. To make matters worse the mother of his children called him ‘Vermin’ and refused him access to the email of his youngest daughter. His elder children had concluded his trip abroad would be good for them.

“I’m interested Mr Snapper. Tell me. Given the experience I have as a head of department, the Master’s degree in Education and your obvious need to fill this position is there something you can do to improve the offer?”

When it came to business savvy the Founding Fathers were enlightened enough.

When it came to business savvy the Founding Fathers were enlightened enough.

“Hey man, that’s something I’d love to do but the Buddhist fathers are not commercially minded ya know. There’s not so much as a gnat’s whisker between the bomber’s wing and the hanger doors.”

Vernon could see the general lie of the land but tried to remap it with the power of his will all the same. “Sure. Look, you can see from my application that I’ve requested IB training and experience in my initial two years. Can you guarantee that?”

“Hey dude that’s something for curriculum control. I wouldn’t impose my inexperience on them. Can’t guarantee it therefore man though it sounds like a treat to me. It is Vanya isn’t it?”

After a barely perceptible pause for the sake of decorum Vernon replied. “Actually no. My name’s Vernon but I’ll be glad to take the job.”

“Well bust my britches man that’s a scoop Van… er Vernon. I’ll get the paperwork to ya. Formal offer to sign, Visa procedures and so on. Have a great holiday. Come early to Thailand man, take a look around. It’s a small place but you’ll like it.”

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