‘You’ll never believe it’ Vernon thought.

Section 107 feels misrepresented

It looked bad put like that and Vernon suddenly felt like a criminal. He outlined the absurd, unbelievable details, explaining that Émile had designed a product he Vernon didn’t want to promote, didn’t believe would work and hadn’t seen tested. At no point in the conversation did a propitious moment arise in which he could also say, “Ah yes and I’m leaving the country just as soon as I have a work visa”.

“You’ve been most ’elpful Mr Jools” Detective Constable assured him on the doorstep as he departed. “Be straightforward to clear up oi shouldn’t wonder sir. Even so, all the while oi’ve been sayin’ to myself it’s a rum’n, It’s a rum’n. Have a pleasant day, no doubt oi’ll be in touch afore long.”

Vernon was glad not to be entrusted with state secrets.

Vernon was glad not to be entrusted with state secrets.

In the afternoon Vernon found an officious looking parcel on the mat from The Founding Father’s High School in Thailand. In addition to the extensive advice they had provided about what he needed to bring, what officialdom insisted upon and how best he should resolve his accommodation needs, there was a contract he needed to sign and have witnessed. It was clear from the details they had sent that he would need a working visa for Thailand which would have to be renewed frequently.

Vernon decided to get the contract signed on Sunday at church as there were a number of professional people who knew him well there; responsible types.

Vernons route to Thailand led through a little red slot in the high street.

Vernons route to Thailand led through a little red slot in the high street.

He planned to post his letter of resignation on the way to meet Jean Luc at the Brewery, but when he stopped at the post box he found frustratingly that he had picked up registration documents sent by Professor van der Floot which were in a similar manila envelope.

Vernon squeezed the cabriolet capably into a roadside cranny in Cannon Street and walked the short distance to the Brewery which was busy but not uncomfortably so. Jean Luc was already there and seemed as well as could be expected given the circumstances. Surprisingly, Ari was there too. He bought himself a Broadside, the dark bitter seeming to match his mood, and went over to join the couple.

“Ari, Jean Luc, hi. Can I get you anything?”

Both heads shook and both of them raised their glasses in acknowledgement of his arrival.

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