x marks the spot

Section 109 isn’t staying long

Vernon had the papers for the Founding Father’s School witnessed and signed on Sunday and posted along with his resignation letter to the school in the Park; he supposed that was what you did with resignation letters. It seemed a bit daft to hand someone a letter telling them what was inside ‘I’m leaving and it says so in the letter’. Daft unless of course you’d written yourself a elegy in dactyl pentameter or hidden your meaning in a treasure map.

Resignation letters were not supposed to leave clues like'x marks the spot'.

Resignation letters were not supposed to leave clues like’x marks the spot’.


Vernon had already thanked Rev Dr Albright for his flexibility in allowing him to apply for a post overseas beyond the deadline for serving notice and the reason he’d given for his decision to work abroad was the desire to experience teaching from an Internationalist perspective.

Monday was, unusually for a summer term start, a training day. Vernon dressed casually and gathered a few school documents he planned to resolve during the day and set off for the School in the Park with mixed feelings. How much longer would he be doing this? Today would be a light mix of whole-school initiatives, department meetings and various forms of compliance with government edicts. He parked the cabriolet on the sunny North front and felt glad to be back, for now at least. Crossing the Old Hall with its secret panel doors and oak floors he checked his pigeon hole before heading up to his office.

Vernon doubted this scandal would ever be untangled.

Vernon doubted this scandal would ever be untangled.

In his pigeon hole were two bombshells as yet unexploded. The first was a local newspaper with the headline, Teachers at prestigious school in software fraud scandal. The second was a memo from the head’s PA. ‘Please be sure to meet Rev Dr Albright in his study after morning coffee’. The explosive force of these two communications propelled Vernon up to the sanctuary of his lofty office and forced everything else from his mind. As a result he found himself worrying unnecessarily, ‘were they going to give him the sack?’



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