It’s in the bag

Section 112 is just getting started

Jean Luc had not been at work on Monday’s training day and Vernon was concerned for him. He dressed for work, fed the cat and backed the cabriolet out of the drive feeling like a character from a TV Soap. Who else, on their way to the School in the Park, had a job abroad but no permission to enter the country, a job terminated here by indeterminate means and an implicated guilty involvement in the disappearance of an over-confident teenager? Who else had embarked on a PhD with no idea what to study and had a partner who answered the question ‘Do you mind if I leave?’ with ‘Not really.’? He mulled over these absurdities and what he was going to say to Claire, Daniel and Pippa as he drove through the sunny English villages to School.

Oh to have again the boundless optimism of youth... without the acne.

Oh to have again the boundless optimism of youth… without the acne.

Vernon registered his tutor group on the North Front as was his habit in the summer term. His lessons began with the slow rekindling of learning that was necessitated by the long Easter break. The coaxing was especially tricky when it came to building resolve in his sixth formers who were about to sit their external examinations. There were the boys …so over confident, “Why work sir? I’m going into business with my father and I won’t need ethics then will I?” There were the girls, “Why work sir? Exam boards have their quota of A grades and they give them to the underprivileged to get them into university don’t they, I don’t have a hope against them do I?” And then there was Tom. “I don’t need to work now sir, I’ve done all my revision already. It’s in the bag.”

Vernon had no idea how he was going to connect with them on the next revision topic.

Vernon had no idea how he was going to connect with them on the next revision topic.

The revision trail was trod nevertheless with grudging but growing attention from Year 12 and 13 alike. They would soon be leaving for study leave and warning lights kept coming on as they realised the gaps in their learning. For example his Upper Sixth or Year 13. Edmund, Lilly and Flo were struggling to dredge up something useful about Religious Language…



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